Anwar Bin Muhamad Saleh (2015) Constituency Manager, Government Sector
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Mass Communication with Public Relations

Northumbria's degree was the right fit for me. The lessons are incredibly engaging and fun. I have learnt so much from my lecturers who brought a great wealth of knowledge and experience to the mass communication subjects. I especially appreciate that my lecturers are professionals in their own fields, in fact, one of them was a former journalist with over 10 years of experience.

Gilbert Wong (2015) Deputy Senior Manager, Multi-national Corporation
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management

I have been looking for a business management degree from a good university and I came across Northumbria University. I took up the programme because of the University's ranking and accreditation status. I really like the assignment-based approach as I can integrate my professional work experience with the business management principles I learnt in my class to produce good quality assignments.

Candy Liu Pui Sze (2015) Advertising & Promotion Executive, Retail Sector
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Mass Communication with Advertising

I was attracted by the dual specialisation in mass communication and advertising. I have benefitted greatly from the lessons as they had helped me to gain valuable insights into the advertising industry. Most of all, this qualification gave me the opportunity to switch from being a marketing executive to an advertising & promotion executive. This assignment-based programme offered me a great deal of flexibility in managing my work and family while studying on a part-time basis. This is a great programme that I would recommend to my friends.

Desmond Kan (2017) Manager, Multi-national Corporation
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management (Top-up)

I have been sourcing for a worthy university that provides an internationally recognised Business Management degree. After conducting research on many Universities’ rankings and accreditation status, I settled for Northumbria University and I knew that I made the right choice. Firstly, it provided up-to-date academic information; this has helped me to apply critical systems-thinking approaches to real-world business management problems. Secondly, the knowledge and thought processes that I have acquired, allowed me to see the bigger picture and look beyond conventional boundaries. Most importantly, I feel the skills that I have acquired will put me in a position to make an impact in any job that I choose to pursue in future.

Wong Huiyi (2017) Regional HR Executive
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business with Human Resource Management (Top-up)

I considered different degrees and found the modules offered by Northumbria University’s HR Management programme to be the most relevant to my current work. It was 18 months of forgoing some of my weekends but my peers and lecturers were all here to help one another along the way, making it possible for me to do well.

Alice Tham (2017) Executive
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management (Top-up)

Though I had to complete my thesis right after Justus was born, I actually enjoyed working on it amid taking care of my baby. Studying opened up my mind. My degree has equipped me with the skills to adapt to changes and make acquiring knowledge beyond the classroom easier.

Veronica Chia (2017) Director, Project Management
Master of Business Administration

The MBA modules covered aspects such as investments and marketing management, which could be useful in my voluntary work with non-profit organisations to help them manage their operations more strategically.

Stanley New (2017) Senior Video Editor @ Walt Disney
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Mass Communication with Public Relations (Top-up)

In the production sector, technologies are making it a lot easier for work such as editing. While the role of a video editor would still be required in the industry, the skillset is not as niche. Simple editing work can be done by even the producers themselves. The degree programme helped me understand the media and communication industry as a whole and add new skills such as Public Relations to my existing expertise.

Ong Hwee Wei (2017) Manager, Statutory Board
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Mass Communication with Business (Top-up)

I opted for the programme after considering the usefulness of commerce knowledge for my interest in managing media and communication business. One of the modules that I've found to be particularly relevant for my job, which partly entails analysis of the media business landscape, is International Business. Though I've graduated for almost 2 years, I still find what I've studied to be highly applicable.